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Turn Your Old Floors Into Your Dream Floor By Refinishing...

Wood Floor Refinishing Service in Murfreesboro - Get Unmatched Craftsmanship, Best in Class Service, & Seamless Repairs, All at Prices That Suit Your Budget!



We specialize in resurfacing floors, so we are confident saying that we know the process well. We can be in and out in no time and leave you with a floor that will last you years and years and look brand new again. We are a local Murfreesboro company with over 25 years experience and plenty of recommendations to prove it.

Hardwood Flooring Resurfacing

Refinishing, Sanding, Repairing, Installation, Recoating, Staining, Resurfacing

Vinyl Flooring

Installation, Repair, Strip, Wax

Laminate Flooring

Installation, Repair


Full Refinishing, Lite Sanding & Recoat, Installation, Repairing, Staining

Subfloor Services

Repair, Installation

Commercial Flooring

Repair, Installation, Clean, Maintenance, Strip & Wax, Sealing, Restoring, Refinishing, Buff and Recoat


Founded on the belief that value and quality are not mutually exclusive, Murfreesboro Flooring is your trusted specialists for floor covering installation and repairs. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and our passion for aesthetics show through in everything we do.

There are many floor refinishing companies in Murfreesboro, TN, but not all of them provide the same quality of service that we offer. As a business that has been in the industry for over 20 years, we do not take the terms ‘professional’ and ‘specialists’ lightly. We understand the gravity of these labels. As such, we strive hard to ensure that we deserve to include these terms in our brand.

When you turn to Murfreesboro Flooring, you can expect nothing less than excellent customer service. Our experienced and skilled sanders value their job and it shows in the unparalleled quality of the results they produce. Expect us to listen carefully to your specifications, treating you with the utmost respect from start to finish.

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Are you tired of seeing your outdated floors? Do you want to ensure that your home is stunning? If your floors are screaming "Help me!" we hear you! Our team of trained professionals have years of experience dealing with uneven and worn down flooring.

You should only trust the experts from Murfreesboro Flooring. As the leading sanding and refinishing contractors in the area, we always make sure that our clients get the best value for their money. Moreover, we understand that having the right flooring can determine the look and feel of any space.

As such, we assess our customer’s requirements, taste, and lifestyle carefully. From there, we tailor a flooring plan and design that suits the client’s specifications.


One of the best investments you can make for your business is updating your flooring. When you work with a trusted Murfreesboro flooring company, you can expect dedicated and knowledgeable professionals who will take the time to understand your requests and preferences.

Whether you have simpler tastes or you want high-end flooring, we are ready to work within your budget. What’s more, we do our best to deliver premium quality results that will leave you satisfied.

Our commercial flooring services cover:

  • Retail shops and groceries
  • Warehouses, factories, and processing plants
  • Public restrooms, break rooms, and locker rooms
  • Restaurants and cafés
  • Showrooms, auto shops, and automotive factories
  • Commercial kitchens and other food establishments
  • Healthcare buildings, including physician offices, hospitals, outpatient clinics, and veterinary clinics
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Why Choose Refinishing?

Well, for one thing, it will save you a ton of money to use what you already have.

Less Waste

Why add more to the landfills of the world when you can recycle the floor you already have. Did you know that junk removal from renovations adds a ton of waste to the world? Limit that by redoing what already exists.

Match What You Have

Have wood floors in your living room, but want them extended into the kitchen. We can redo the old floors and add new wood to the kitchen and match it almost exactly! Our expert layers will leave the floor seamless and looking like it was there all along!

Save Money

New Hardwood floors can cost thousands. But, did you know that you can achieve a similar result by sanding down those old floors and starting again. We use professional grade sanders to get even the most stubborn varnish off and refinish with high quality gloss that will last a long time.

Increased Cleanliness

Do your floors have cracks and crevices that collect dust and dirt? We sand everything down to the bare floor and eliminate areas where dirt can collect.

“I'm no Siskel and Ebert, but I give this Jose 2 thumbs up!”


Mathematics Professor

“I was torn between tile and hardwood floor for my kitchen and boy am I glad I went with wood. Jose made it easy to love my new floor from the beginning.”



“Incredibly happy with our decision to choose this company. We have a brand new, amazing tiger stripe hardwood floor in our living room and we get compliments on it all the time.”


Administrative Assistant

“Goodbye to those ugly tiles in my kitchen. Hello Hardwood! What a great job this company did with the hardwood floor installation. Everything looks and feels great, and even a year later looks brand new.”