How To Avoid Scratches in Hardwood Flooring

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A lot of my customers in Murfreesboro ask me just how to avoid scratching in hardwood flooring, so I figured I would supply some suggestions.

Initially, let me caveat this by stating that ALL wood scrapes. It’s simply an issue of time. Any person that informs you the wood won’t damage isn’t telling the truth.

Right here are some ideas to LESSEN the scratches and also lengthen the life of your hardwood flooring. By far, the # 1 culprit of scratches is dirt/grit, so do whatever you can to reduce this.

1. Remove your shoes!

It is outstanding how huge an impact this can have on your floor. I simply visited a customer’s home that was vigilant about taking off their shoes. We installed the hardwood over 2 years back and also it looks like the work was done the other day. That is the influence that removing your footwear has … despite having children! To make life easier, add a plastic or rubber container by the door to make it convenient for you and your visitors. Maybe even add a trendy bench near the door.

2. Add floor mats at the door.

Due to the fact that of this, water (and also snow/salt) are the worst offenders and also the areas by the door have a tendency to become worn down the fastest. Obtain entrance floor coverings- one for outside as well as one for inside the door.

3. Include felt pads to the bottoms of furniture, and obtain extras.

Felt pads can make a big distinction as well as they are specifically important for chairs that move the most. Most individuals do not move the heavier items such as couches that typically stay put. I recommend my clients to purchase extra really felt pads as they have a tendency to wear down, specifically on chairs that are relocated often.

4. Do not use chairs with rollers.

These really scratch floorings as dirt and also grit tends to get captured in them. Either avoid them, or get mats for under these locations as they will certainly destroy your wood floors.

5. Clean consistently to get the dirt/grit up.

Swiffers or comparable items are excellent. Bona is one of the most highly advised wood cleaner.

6. Stay clear of spiky footwear, stilettos, and also cleats.

These can dig into floors and create scratches. And, obviously, prevent sliding as well as dragging furniture as these can have the exact same influence.

7. Consider area rugs for areas that furniture is moved a lot.

These can be particularly handy for dining areas or various other areas where chairs are regularly relocated. Rugs likewise minimize the sound. Also, you can utilize a plastic floor covering under rolling chairs.

As well as, for kitchens, consider an anti-fatigue mat as it offers 2 purposes: 1) makes it much easier on your feet, 2) prevents sprinkling water getting on the floor.

8. Clean the OUTSIDE of your home.

Since dust, grit and pebbles that get caught in your shoes can be the greatest perpetrator of scratches, occasionally clean as well as sweep the outdoors, specifically in key entry locations– the front entrance, garage, or back veranda. Keep in mind if you have family pets, to clean up the areas where they head out as well as in. They do not usually take their footwear off (LOL), so a bit of elbow Greece or vacuuming will certainly go a long way.

9. Make sure you utilize rug pads.

Rugs add convenience, design and a certain warmth to your space. They can additionally help you limit scratches. It’s vital that you have padding below. If you do not, many types of carpetings (especially cheap ones) will certainly damage your floorings.

Padding offer numerous benefits: 1) they reduce scratches, 2) they maintain the area rug in position, and 3) they will in fact make your rug last longer as well as 4) they will certainly make your area rug softer on your feet.

10. Plan B– If you currently have a scratch, take into consideration attempting wood stain pens.

They are available in several colors consisting of dark walnut, rural, golden oak, early american, cherry, red oak and also red mahogany.

If you have pre-finished wood, certainly keep some spare items, simply in case they are needed for later on. You never know if you will have some kind of water damage (e.g. from leaking bathroom on the floor above), family pet mishaps, plants, furniture scraping when moving items, or accidents from kids (or grand youngsters).

11. Get a vacuum cleaner created for hardwood floorings.

Yes, numerous people make this blunder. They don’t realize that a lot of vacuum cleaners are designed for carpeting. And also, these vacuum cleaners can actually scratch your wood floors!

We hear a great deal of concerns about animals and also hardwood. Generally, many cats do not cause concerns with their claws (although in some cases feline litter can scratch the flooring so be careful to sweep that up). There appears to be more concerns with pets claws and also without a doubt trimming nails will normally help. I’ve likewise read someplace that there are some sort of pet nail covers, but most pet fans would certainly choose to leave the pets alone.

Does adding an added coat of polyurethane stop scratches? Well this depends. If your hardwood flooring is pre-finished, then, no this will really make your floor more susceptible to scratches (as it will certainly sand off several of the light weight aluminum oxide) and it will nullify your producer warranty. If however, you have hardwood that has been sanded in your home, an extra layer can help reduce damage.


We normally recommend to my clients that they recoat 3- 4 years after they have had their floors refinished. This is preventative upkeep and ought to be done before you have scrapes already. This is a technique of adding an additional layer of poly for protection.

Right here are some tips to LESSEN the scratches and prolong the life of your wood. Because dirt, grit and stones that get captured in your footwear can be the most significant offender of scrapes, occasionally clean as well as the outside, specifically in crucial access locations– the front entry, garage, back porch. As well as, these vacuums can actually scratch your hardwood flooring!